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For the first tem ever I got to experience a solare eclipse-Tennessee was in totality, and they had a broadcast for those of us who couldn't see it, and it was freaking awesome and so pretty and...ggaaaaah...I just have no words. But holy shit finally. I ffelt like I had a t least a glimpse of what ya'll with sight see every day (Or not every day as the case might be), and so cool.

In celebration I will pimp https://wyld-dandelyon.dreamwidth.org/446863.html
this person's readings on this special day. :d

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Shortened (sort of) version of family crap. )

And now I find out that one of my courses (My only on campus one) may well have been cancelled (Through my canvas site no less) and it's probably too late to tell VR not to get Open Door tickets, because they need to have the schedule in advance, and today (Mostly) has been frustrating as hell.

the only bright spot was someone taking me to the store and covering me for the food I couldn't afford on my Food Stamp card, and I about cried after he left because OMG I needed that. Also: Farmer's Market thing tomorrow-yea. I'm excited for that, too, because it's finally somewhere that isn't school or store. Or My friend's place. I like going there, don't get me wrong-but a change of pace is sometimes nice.

I'm still having a very hard time not wanting to retail therapy with my tips (I won't, but dam I just...would love to buy something just for me to let of some damn steam) because I have nothing else to do now that most of my school work for my 2 classes is done, and I still have enough energy, that while I was tired earlier...I'm not now. :( Although II'll probably try and sleep some-because riding with person to farm to pick up food to sell at market, then market itself might be a long day.

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[community profile] 2017revival has a place on DW and is running an LJ=DW locater here
For those who don't know about it.

ETA: since I can't seem to parse HTML enough to quote the word "here" in the link above: https://2017revival.dreamwidth.org/2102.html

*mildly annoyed* I used to be able to do at least that much.

-Fallon~ :
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Theres this thing called magpie Monday. This month is "cotton candy fluff" Meant to lift a reader's spirits. The owner of the journal will send prompts via PM if short enough; will ask (and not keep) contacts if too long. It is located:

Go forth and prompt. :)

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We are alive; for those who wish to know.

We are also in the interesting state of bodty health of re-acclimation to Indiana and a cold. "Welcome home SPC *slams with sinus issues**...thanks. >.>

We are also umpacked quite a bit, which is nice. Our neighbors are Justas awesomeasthey were; and our tnants were apparently notthe greatestpeople in the world to live around.

We will give a longer update later when we don't feel like our head is going to explode.


Aug. 31st, 2014 02:33 pm
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1 card draw

This for the August new mon and Laborday. Go forth and have fun. :)
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Hello all,

This may (or may not) be one of the only crossposted postsfor a bit, but I really want to share this because I believe in what she does (A) and (B) she's my room mate, so. :)


I can say from personal experience that her work is goodstuff. :)



Sep. 12th, 2013 06:25 pm
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Sorry for those seeing this more than once, but:

A friend of ours is hosting a one card draw here! in honor of Friday the 13th.

Check her out, please. She's definitely worth it in our book. :)

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A firefighter friend of mine needs help.

This individual's fire station is an all-volunteer non-profit station and they are concerned with funding for equipment needed.

If you wish to help, here are a few ways to do it:

This individual is selling paintings from their deviant art:mirangel.deviantart.com,
or you can paypal a donation to: conductorofstars@hotmail.com.

If you paypal donations, please put "firestation donation" or something similar in the subject line of the message.

Also, pass the word around if you can; I know I don't post here much but this was just too importtant to me to pass up.

Thank you so much! :)
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I was thinking about some things earlier today, and realized a few things. ... only two actually.

random observations )

I will be writing up an account of the birthday party for H'vorxixnon. Just not tonight. :p

See you lovelys later! ::waves:: :)



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