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Merry Christmas

Trying to stay positive with a houseguest who is missing her out of town family too much...mostly working.

It would've helped to have something to open this morning, but since we were moving and didn't put up a list...we don't really have anyone to blame for that except us.

Thank the gods we're going to Ohio soon and have gifts there.

Ham later, thank goodness, she's at least making that. :)

I hope everyone got everything they wanted this Christmas, and that ya'll enjoy the day. <3

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I know this is short, and rather abrupt, notice for some, and while I wish I could use the name I do here (Which is the one I actually prefer, please), we are posting this in places where the biofamily sees, so cannot. :( This said, anything you can throw at this will be very much appreciated!


This is public; feel free to share.
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[personal profile] dialecticdreamer has a prompt call

Find a gift for yourself by prompting for a holidy inspired lighthearted fic. Hers are wonderful to read, you will definitely not be disappointed.

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Anyone wanna help me stat people for fiction purposes? I went over to Sockmonkey and the site's being a bitch and not letting me read PDF's like it used to, and I need at least three people statted so I know what goes wheir in their backstories (And so I have a baseline for them) and while I remember some of the number structure...I can't remember all of it. So even if it's just 1 person's stats (Because then I can work off that one) I need teh helps. LOL


And yeah, I could use character sheets from elsewhere, but my brain is on this 'nope, need blank; does not compute' shit, and I can't derail the fucker. :/ ... that, and i do better sometimes when I can work with the people for the first bit so they and I can both chek my doing. LOL (Yeah I'm weird, so?)

(Also, I need help with something else, but...I kinda don't want to put that in a public entry, but it's the text for something I want crowd funded...so.)

Thanks DW family. :)

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waaaaaant, OMFG so many waaaant!

ETA: I have. WIll be here tomorrow. Thank you M. Best friend of 26 years for graduation present. :d-Fallon on May 21, 2018

The blue ray is out, too, and I could probably buy it digitally from somewhere )Apple, maybe because DVS track) but I'm old school, and want it on DVD too. Because, well.

And you know what? Maybe I should get out of the physical copy stage of my life, but there's a viseral joy I get from tearing off the plastic of these things, so shush. xd

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[personal profile] dialecticdreamer is running Magpie Monday! With the theme of "Fairie Tales". Go check it out. She's an amazing writer and she loves prompts. So go forth and prompt! :)
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Thank you to [personal profile] bairnsidhe for allowing me the use of Nzinga from Undercover Fashion Also: Thank you to [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith for minor ideas on clothing, for small, still growing, shifter children.

::Set Mainly in Ms. Martin's shop. No spoilers unless slightly (And I do mean slight) child distress bothers you.::

There was the thud, then the tiny laughter, though it was a bit shaky, like the poor child had been crying just recently. Nzinga wondered who it could be; there were very few who traveled her portal just after she’d opened; she usually had at least a few minutes before customers came. She recognized him, if only from the holo he’d sent, as he walked-no, padded- to the door, where a child of about three or four climbed from his back before he shifted-and made her blink. It wasn’t often she saw shifters, and this one was formidable in both his human *and* tiger forms.
Read more... )
Notes )
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The following is a new series we've been enjoying. Posted so that others can enjoy, too!

Strange family index by [personal profile] dialecticdreamer This is set in Terremagne. :)

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Anyone have any poingers on how to get the scanning portion of an HP1500 series to work with word? Note: totally blind.

I'd just use my OCR, but I'm not sure how well pictures would come out for that, and some of the things I need to scan have them.

Even better? I need this before Monday. o.x

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Hastas comin' up. Daffodils are buddin' out.

The mothah an' I went out to plant wildflower seeds in some of the beah patches of the yard an' da fence. We'll see what be comin' up latah. :d

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[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith is running a poetry fishbowl https://ysabetwordsmith.dreamwidth.org/11315789.html

Go play and have fun prompting!

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ADA things:

And a different take on the same thing:

Ug...yup the dump-us-all administration definitely has a lot to answer for, especially if this is all them, which wouldn't surprise us.

ETA: I'm hearing that this thing has passed in the House of Reps. :(

someone on twitter says that she will never understand ableds who don't think that society hates disabled people on a fundamental level, and that this bill has passed for any ableds to pretend to care about disabled people's civil rights.


I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the 'hate' and 'pretend to care'. ... that, to me, spjits on cities like Denver, Seattle, and others on the lists [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith put up in comment threads=-and makes actual efforts of people look pultry and as after thoughts. Which, Okay, some, maybe, but not all-and that sort of language doesn't help anything, or anyone, in my opinion, anyway.


What's sad is I have an easier time wrapping my mind around society hating the poor/the black/native populations than the disabled-and we are still among the hated, whether it is because we *are* poor (as of this writing) or because our religion is not the mainstream Christian one that America seems to like to profess is 'all theirs' and all we are (so not true).


But I have a hard time directing the hate as us as disabled people, because I feel as if we are so much in the mainstream now, that it is like saying that the mainstream hates itself...and I cannot go there...it's too viserally wrong. Even if, as Clarien has said, (he's hanging around here a bit) it is a harsh truth. He also has said that it is not a helpful one-and I am still trying to unpack that...because it doesn't really make sense to me :/. -Fallon+~ Edit: Feb 16, 2018

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This affects me, guys. :/ #45 I no like you now. (Not that I ever did, but)


This is an atrocity, so much so hard.



Feb. 3rd, 2018 04:41 pm
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I'm in love with Elements, just sayin'. The only place better just might be Hand and Stone )From all I've heard, I've not been any of their studios). Slightly nerve wracking because hands on. But they asked good questions and I aced the part where they asked about which muscle groups to target if a client came in with certain complaints. I think it went really well. :)

Thus far, they are the most thurrowgh place I have interviewed with, and the cleanest. I like that about them, even if it meant I was a bit nervous because also the first to do a hands-on portion.

Now to wait and see...

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Those of you in the Seattle area on my readlist: we wil have most of Monday Jan 29 to fuck off, anyone want to meat up?

ETA: correction: That is most of *Friday* Jan 26, not Monday. Sorry for the confusion, kids.

We're going to be at Conflikt for most of the rest of that time (We still need to figure out hotel things BC not enough on credit stuff) but our flight doesn't leave until later in the afternoon, so we've got most of the day to fuck off around Seattle. Any suggestions on what people would think a blind multiple would find interesting?

ETA: No hotel: Rooming onsight with the dear friend who is also the reason we are going. :)

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A friend of ours [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith has a poetry ffishbowl with the theme of "Do You Believe in Magic" Here: https://ysabetwordsmith.dreamwidth.org/11250801.html

Go forth and do the prompting!

-Fallon and Jay~
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Request for goodenergy/thought and/or prayres, please.

We have email alerts set up to alert us of jobs from indeed at places we want to work at. Due to this, I was sent an alert for a job opening at the salon and spa straight up the street from us. I would really love to get this job. It's literally perfect for us. It's convenient, you can make a good deal from commission-based things and building your clientel, it would mean us getting off benefits and being able to build up a savings; would decrease the unemployment gap and so many other things.

It's also part time, so it wouldn't mess with our class schedule, and since you are required to work Saturdays, we could still do some homework either on the job itself, or off the job in the free time we have around this. I'm so super stoked, we've wanted to work at this place ever since we started school, even trying to intern there and it not working out, so this is like a huge thing for us. I (Fallon) am like this bouncy kid now. I just...gaaaah!

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Bulltes because

-quarter is done; dunno what grades are yet
-Stressful and not good time right before company came (Please don't ask yet; most of those who need to know do)
-Company arrives and things get slightly better
-tree decorating because company
-realizing you've gone way backwards in both writing and magic shit; emparrased at self. *sighs*
-Babies are so freaking adorbs. Just saying.

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For the first tem ever I got to experience a solare eclipse-Tennessee was in totality, and they had a broadcast for those of us who couldn't see it, and it was freaking awesome and so pretty and...ggaaaaah...I just have no words. But holy shit finally. I ffelt like I had a t least a glimpse of what ya'll with sight see every day (Or not every day as the case might be), and so cool.

In celebration I will pimp https://wyld-dandelyon.dreamwidth.org/446863.html
this person's readings on this special day. :d



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