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Shortened (sort of) version of family crap. )

And now I find out that one of my courses (My only on campus one) may well have been cancelled (Through my canvas site no less) and it's probably too late to tell VR not to get Open Door tickets, because they need to have the schedule in advance, and today (Mostly) has been frustrating as hell.

the only bright spot was someone taking me to the store and covering me for the food I couldn't afford on my Food Stamp card, and I about cried after he left because OMG I needed that. Also: Farmer's Market thing tomorrow-yea. I'm excited for that, too, because it's finally somewhere that isn't school or store. Or My friend's place. I like going there, don't get me wrong-but a change of pace is sometimes nice.

I'm still having a very hard time not wanting to retail therapy with my tips (I won't, but dam I just...would love to buy something just for me to let of some damn steam) because I have nothing else to do now that most of my school work for my 2 classes is done, and I still have enough energy, that while I was tired earlier...I'm not now. :( Although II'll probably try and sleep some-because riding with person to farm to pick up food to sell at market, then market itself might be a long day.



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