May. 31st, 2017 06:49 pm
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Weekend was really damn good to us-though we got our first damn sunburn of the season and shit. Mendi done came wi'us to the barbecue (Jay right now) an' she say she had a good time an' gunna have to be back an' shit. Plus there's a guy there who we think's sweet on huh 'cause of some of the shit he were doin' there, but we'll see wat come of that like. Spent a lot o'saturday at huh place-sunday at the bbQ, and more o'Monday there than we done intended-but still mamaged to get shit for school done. Still got some to do, but ain't stressin'.

Today done shit for the business course (all of it) and laundry. Ain't got to the dishes yet, but I'm thinkin' dey'll get done soonish. ... an' ya know I unfiltered when. LOL.

Done had the place open all day to-an' enjoyin' the weather while we freakin' can 'cause they say rain comin' in. Ordered the bio-mother some oils on Amaxzon, an' Fallon done claimed the tarot decks the father has for us since the brother done confiscated the Serius radio.

Other than that-not much been goin' on that I wanna write for-but we's tryin' to get more in to writtin' down rituals )Small groundin' ones) to be seein what do and don't work for us-finally-an' tryin'a be more honest about that wieach other-tryin'a figure out what do and don't work for whoever's in frontg an' shit...slow goin' but it be goin' which is nice-the reconnection to jus about everhythin' outside orurselves (Leastwinds for me) was...kinda overwhelming. o.o

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